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Zoo Boise and your child’s experience
August 3, 2020

Lately, I have been reading this book all about how to be vulnerable. And while it gives you lots of tips on how to go about helping you tear your walls down and open your heart to the world, it does a great job of mentioning how hard it is to accomplish.

Little boy and parents feeding the goats and smiling at the zoo
Dad smiling while son looks at the penguins through the glass at the zoo

And while I can sit here and talk all about this subject in general, I won’t. The thing I want to touch on is how kids can be vulnerable at times and not know it. No child understands vulnerability. No child understands restraints or trying to stick to “normal” behavior. They learn that from their parents. Or from the people around them that are teaching them how to survive in this world.

Parents and toddler son playing on the life-sized pretend jeep at the zoo
Dad and son holding hands while son looks adoringly at dad

I often wonder what it would be like if we didn’t restrain our kids. What if we didn’t tell them what proper behavior was? What if we just taught them about manners as in politeness but not strict rules on how to sit at the table or how to walk in a straight line. What if we let our kid’s imagination rule instead of telling them how to color within the lines. Some parents are great at this already. Ya know the type that doesn’t let their kids watch TV and they play outside most of the day- rain OR shine? I wish I could have been that mom. Maybe parenting my teens would be easier! HA!

What are your thoughts on this? What kind of parent are you? Somewhere in between? That’s where I lie.

Much love,


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