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Why these adventures aren’t for you, but for them
October 12, 2020

As an adult, you may forget what it’s like to live through a child’s perspective.

You may forget how a lot of things are new and how things change on a daily basis. If you are lucky, the transitions your children go through are simple, direct, and smooth. One thing I have learned is that you, as a parent, are their constant. You are their northern star. You guide them down their path of least resistance. If you are lucky, they do as you say and not as you do. They understand the consequences and how to avoid them. They want to live life to the fullest, but also in the safest way possible.


boy running in front of family and parents while hiking

Family walking together with dog on pretty sunny day
When you take a child on an adventure, they are learning so much.

So many new tactical experiences and so many new ways of seeing life. It becomes an overwhelming experience for them I am sure. Depending on the age of the child and the style of the adventure, they can be scary, exciting, and thrilling all at the same time. As an adult, you have experienced certain parts of life so many times that you are numb to its effects. Adding in an adventure, no matter how small or big, doesn’t have the same effect on you as it does on them. While you may be having a joyful time, you aren’t as overwhelmed as they are. Your brain doesn’t work overtime to process all the new information like their’s does.


dad kneeling down to talk with youngest son on hike with family on a sunny day


kids, parents and dog standing on bridge over a creek on family hike on a sunny day
That being said, while they are processing all this information, they just truly do not have the brain capacity to remember all the things they said and all the things they did or experienced during an adventure. Because your brain is more developed, you have the ability to remember more of the little details. The way that your son stood in line for the first time for a roller coaster ride. The way your daughter fell off her bike for the first time and scuffed her knee. If might be hard to believe, but these moments are slowly forgotten over time. And these are the moments they will want to remember.

Boy kneeling down to smell the flowers while mom kneels next to him smiling. Dog in the background overlooking view on the trail.

Dog looking up trail as family follows behind

So the next time you schedule an adventure for the family…

Make sure to plan who will take the photos. Whether it’s you or it’s me, know that these are the moments that they will want to remember- for a lifetime to come.

Much love,


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