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Why kite flying adventures are the best kind
January 18, 2021
Little boy in the park holding a very large kite in front of his face blocking it

The wind was breezy, the hills were green and the sun was shining. At age 14, you wouldn’t think that flying a kite would excite me too much. But having never done it in the past (successfully), it was as if I needed to fulfill this challenge. If there was any day to get this done, this was the perfect day. Out with friends on a mini-vacation, we tried our best running and letting the kite fly into the air. Incredibly, it worked and stayed high in the air for several minutes. In fact, the only reason the kite came down was because of our choosing.

Little boy looking sad as kite is laying on the ground in front of him
Boy running with kite in hopes will fly

When was the last time you chose to fly a kite and actually became successful doing so? Were you a child, or were you playing with a child? Or were you all on your own? The art of kite flying is not lost on me. Neither was it lost on these three kids. They were quick to mention that dad usually helps them get it up in the air and they get to hold the string. And even though dad wasn’t able to be here that day, it was fun to watch them try. The frustration of not getting it up in the air felt very close to home and struck a chord with me as I remembered all the times I tried and failed at flying a kite as a child. Not only is it completely frustrating but it’s also very tiring and very easily something that is given up on quickly.

Mom trying to throw kite int he air as boys watch from below in the park
Mom holding kite while little brother looks up at her and older brother plays with his hands to the side

I would like to think that the purpose of flying the kite, is not for the end result, but the fun of it. The running, the sometimes jumping and the skill involved all while getting in the outdoors and enjoying the outside air should be enough right? Tell that to these kids, who never got the chance to see the kite fly that day. The disappointment was palpable! There is always another day kids. Keep on flying.

Much love,


young boy looking to the side while holding a flower in his hands.

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