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Why it is important to remember childhood adventures
April 14, 2020

The carpet rash I would get from sliding down my stairs as a kid was ridiculous. It didn’t matter that I had a slippery sleeping bag under me, it would still hurt. Did that stop me? No way! If only my mom took pictures of that! Hurtling ourselves into the front door below the stairs was amaaaazing.

Some would argue that these moments are not cherishable. My question to them would be- to whom? They may not be cherishable to you now- but what about to your kids later in life? There are a million moments I had as a kid that I wish were documented. And while my mom did a great job documenting a ton about my life, sometimes, it’s not about what she took pictures of that she thought was important, but rather what I wish she had taken pictures of that I miss seeing now.

Dad holding toddler while looking at the fish tank at the aquarium

How are we to know what things are important for our kids? How are we to know what things they will want to remember and what things they won’t? The obvious answer to that is to ask them. However, that job quickly becomes tough when moments happen quickly and there is no time to ask. To make matters even harder, a lot of kids will just tell you no. They don’t want to be photographed. They don’t want to remember this activity. They don’t want their picture taken. So what is a mom to do? Do you take the picture anyways or do you respect their wishes? Every parent is different in how they will answer this call. I never asked my kids what they wanted to be photographed or not. I never gave my kids the option. Are there days that my kids don’t want their photo taken? Sure. Do I respect that wish? Not always. Do they fully love and adore even those difficult images now? Yes. No question.

Toddler pulling up block to see message for education at the aquarium

So the next time you decide to give your kid an option, or you decide you just want to photograph something, don’t feel bad if your kid says stop or they tell you no. All adventures are with saving. Even those that result in a little carpet rash.

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