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When your brain makes up photos that were never there
November 23, 2020

Have you ever had a moment where you see an image in your head that never really happened? Maybe you dreamed it or you had it described to you so vividly that you could see it plain as day in your mind?

When I was younger, my parents lived in the L.A. area (I was born in Southern CA) and they took my sister to Disney Land. Now, I don’t think I was around during that time. And if I was around (as in- born) my parents said I never went on the trip to the park. What’s so strange about it is that I have this vivid memory of a photograph that apparently never existed.

I can still see it clear as day in my mind. And at age 39, I feel like this is almost an impossible task. But who knows what the brain wants to remember? The picture is of our family standing in front of the famous Micky and Walt Disney statue in the front of the park. Not just our family, but also a family we were friends with at the time. All smiling, all happy as the day is long there in L.A. But apparently, this photo is not a real thing. I have imagined it. What causes our brains to do that? Descriptive adventures are just that, something we have to describe.

So why stop there? Why are you only describing how much fun you had? It’s time to take the next step and make that adventure a reality. Make that adventure something that you can REALLY remember. Nothing fictitious here.

Mom looking down at son while smiling and he is looking at the animal behind the glass at the zoo
Mom holding toddler son on the fence as they look art the giraffes at the zoo

I can hear you now. You are telling me that YOU can take those photos. YOU can do the dirty work for free. YOU can be the one to capture those cute moments of the first time he sees the lion or the way he laughed when he fed the goats. BUT I ask YOU, can YOU be in the photos as well? Can you capture yourself interacting with your kids as they see the lion, as they feed the goats?

Dad holding toddler son as he had a scrunched up face and looking at animals at the zoo
family looking at the penguins in the glass and each other at the zoo

So the next time you go to a place of adventure and excitement, think about this. Think about how YOU can be in the photos you are destined to capture of your time there. Think about how YOU can do it in a way that makes YOU be in the photos as well. And if it seems too daunting. Just relax and contact me to follow you around and do it for YOU. This is what I do. And I love it.

Much love,


P.S. Here is what Caitlin had to say about her session at Zoo Boise: “These pictures mean so much to me and I can’t help but smile every time I see them.  You do AMAZING work and I don’t know how you are able to capture such real, beautiful moments on camera so that I can look at them and remember the exact feelings and moment it happened.  I am so happy we met you and were able to do this photoshoot.  I will be sure to brag about you to everyone and tell them how great you are!  Let me know when we can meet/chat about purchasing more photos and ordering prints!  THANK YOU!!!”

You know you want this too.

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