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What sensational outdoor adventure is your favorite? | Eagle Adventure Photographer
May 7, 2016

When I was a child we lived close to the Northern Eastern tip of California and we had this butte (small mountain) literally in our back yard. On top of it were these rocks and caves that we would explore and run around and pretend in. In the winter we would sled down it and in the summer we would just climb and play. It was so cool to have that in my own backyard.

But THIS HOUSE- the one I photographed recently- was literally the best. All the toys you could possibly imagine complete with a zip line. I never had these kinds of toys. Believe me, not all of my sessions are this exciting. Some sessions are more laid back for sure!


Poor baby had a LARGE bump on his head from the day before. It DID NOT stop him.

boy standing up high on the treehouse edge while other boy looks at him with awe from the ladder


WHAT? The coolest!!

boy coming forward on the zipping in their backyard while laughing and dad looking from behind


Let’s say the boys tried to help but they put in effort for a short time!

Up close view of small boy holding a plant in his very dirty hand.

What else could a kid want?

I am so blessed. I say it daily. I love love love photographing families in their natural environment. Mom said it best when she replied to my question:

  • Why would you recommend adventure sessions to your friends? How would you describe it to them if they didn’t know what it was?Yes, most certainly. Heather is such a kind, personable, and funny person to work with. Our kids were not intimidated by her and she was so down to earth she fit right in and was unobtrusive snapping shots and getting her angles without anyone else noticing. As a family, we were able to hang out and have fun, unlike stressful posed photoshoots. Documentary Style photography is real life and in the moment, it captures your families ups and downs and is an amazing depiction of what life truly looks like….moments like these are what we want to remember not the typically stressful, stuffy, posey family photoshoots that us parents rip our hair out at.

When you were little, what was your favorite thing to do outside? It’s hard to imagine back to that time when you had a favorite pastime that was not doing work or being a parent or some other thing more stressful. Tell me about it in the comments. I would love to hear!

If you want me to come over and do this for you too then please contact me today. I am always up for more adventures. 

Much love,


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