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What is family adventure photography and why do you care?
April 7, 2021
Mom and son walking with fishing gear down at the path lines with green trees overhanging path

The definition of “adventure” is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Now, the hazardous is a bit of a stretch when we are referring to photography. Especially when we are dealing with families. But that being said, sometimes we don’t adventure often enough and then the activities we seek do become sort of hazardous! I digress…

The idea behind adventure photography is a movement called Family Documentary Photography. Documenting lives in the typical situations and the normal situations (per family) and displaying that for all to see.

view from below of family hiking within Box Canyon

This movement is something that is taking over our lives. We are seeing it every day. The need to be perfect is so strong within some and when we share our “perfect” lives on social media we tend to get backlash. So the idea of sharing something that’s not perfect and not posed and not structured for all to see is a blessing. It shows people that we are human. It shows people that we are normal. And it shows people all the things we have in common with each other that we may not have known before.

We all have things in common whether we like to admit it or not. The everyday struggles that plague us like washing the dishes or doing the laundry, sure, are all things we would all like to avoid. And they are all things we do have in common. But I’m thinking more about the daily struggles with life in general. The feelings we have when our kids grow up and move away or the feeling we get when our first child takes his first steps across the floor. Sharing emotional times when a family member passes away or what happens after we break a leg and how we handle life afterward. The stomach-churning moment we have when we buy our first house or the butterflies of a first kiss. The challenge is to catch all these things in images so not only others can see the emotion, but they can feel the emotion too.

Family of 4 hiking up a mountain with an amazing view behind of the foothills

Good documentary photographers can do that for you. They can share an image that one can immediately relate to if they have been in the situation before. OR they can share an image that will resonate with them on a level of empathy and understanding even if they have never been through that situation before.

The thing is, this kind of photography is a way for people to express themselves differently. And sometimes it even expresses things that they never saw in themselves before.

Adventure photography is a subset of documentary photography in that it photographs real life in a documentary way but with a specific activity in mind. This can be easier on the client because it helps them feel like they have an activity to do while being photographed and it’s way more fun than living our normal life for photos.

Mom standing with sons as they climb a clay mountain

So what activities would you like to do that then can feature your family in their brightest moments? Would you like to go on a hike? Go to the zoo? Watch a movie at home? Go swimming at the lake?

Activities are up to you and the sky’s the limit. So let’s plan your next adventure, and get your family having some fun so I can capture it, and you can keep the rewards shortly after.

Much love,


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