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What in the world is an adventure photo session and how to conquer it
November 9, 2021

Adventure. Imperfect. Candid. Intimate. Spontaneous.

I won an Adventure Session from Floyd Family Photography ….
WAIT! What in the world is an Adventure Session?
family of four hanging out around the lake in the snow while sledding
And then the panic stricken thoughts/questions started to kick in …
I need to get the kids clothes picked out! I need to get a ridiculous amount of candy to bribe the kids to pose the perfect way. I’ll throw some fart jokes into my arsenal, that’ll get some genuine smiles and laughs. Oh crap, now what am I [Mom] going to wear? Will our clothes look right together?
I jumped on a call with Heather to ask all of the questions and much to my surprise all of the worry, perfectionism went away and all my questions were answered. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to traditional pics again! hehe
We did an Adventure Session in the snow at the beautiful Cascade Lake – so all we needed were snow clothes, sleds and some excited kiddo’s. CHECK!
Heck even Dad & I jumped in on the fun!
PS – insert one of my favorite ridiculous pics of myself ever.
You read that right, Mom wasn’t behind the camera she was actually in the pics – sledding, playing football with the boys, throwing ice and admiring the beautiful site of shattered ice on an ice covered lake.
Once all of the fun was done we had no idea what to expect next …
Heather came to our home and showed us the most stunning slideshow paired with the perfect tear-wrenching song and showed us the amazingness that was our Adventure Session.
Thank you so much Heather for blowing our minds & showing us that stress free photo sessions really do exist.

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