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What an Idaho adventure session looks like: hiking at Camel’s Back Park
May 11, 2022

Whenever I get approached to do a photo adventure session with a family I ask, and we actually discuss at length, what activity the family would like to do. And when hiking is the goal, I not only look at the kids and their ages, but I look at the families ability. I talk with them about often they go out hiking and what their comfort levels are going out into the wilderness or if we need to stay closer to home, rather, closer to Boise.  

Mom blowing baby girls hair while at the park and holding her in her arms

When the choice is made to stay closer to home, yet have some good city views in the family’s photos, Camel’s Back Park is my first suggestion always. Camel’s Back Park is a really easy park to get to. It’s amazingly easy to get to where you can have a good view and it affords us some beautiful scenery in the process. So if you are someone that wants to stay close, get a good view of town and have a good time, this place just might be for you!  

Mom and son swinging on the swings at the park and laughing
Dad and son playing on climbing apparatus at the park
View at the top of the Camel's Back Park with family hiking and fall trees behind them.
Family hiking around the mountain at Camel's Back Park with the fall trees all over behind them
Mom and dad looking at baby girl at the top of the mountain hiking and adoring each other
Little boy staring at the camera at the top of the mountain hiking with family with sun behind him
Dad and son hiking up Camel's Back Park Trail with view of Boise behind him
Young son walking up the mountain unassisted at Camel's Back Park with his family
Mom holding son on top of a rock for safety as they look over at the view of Boise in the fall.
Little girl struggling to get up the large steps at Camel's Back Park with family leading the way
Dad holding little girl ready to go up the steps on their hike

Now that you have seen photographs from an adventure session at this park, maybe you would like one here as well! Contact me today to see what availability I have to see what life your family will bring to photos here. 

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