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What an Idaho Adventure Session looks like: hiking around Craters of the Moon
May 11, 2022
Siblings walking ups the mountain at the volcanic rock at Craters of the moon

Oftentimes, people like to go outside of the Treasure Valley to have their photo taken with their family. And because I am a photographer that enjoys adventures, I am that person that will follow you all over the depths of Idaho to enjoy that time with you. Not only that, I will follow you around, take pictures of your adventures and share them with you afterwards. One of my favorite places outside of the valley is Craters of the Moon. Being a national monument, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Everyone deserves to go there and have a good time. Here is what it looked like when I took one family there recently. Would you like to go here with your family? Contact me today to schedule it.  

Kids running away in a line on the trail
Family coming down the rocks into a rock cave
Mom hugging teen som as they walk along the trail at Craters of the Moon
Kids and mom overlooking a cave lookout sight and pointing into he sky
Far away look at family walking up the volcanic mountain with the view of the sky behind them
Family kneeling down examine rocks at Craters of the Moon
Family having fun with balance on top of rocks on top of volcanic mountain
Mon and Dad holding hands as they walk up the mountain at Craters of the Moon
Family of 6 standing and looking at the camera smiling in front of a tower of volcanic rock

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