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We are an adventure family
April 6, 2021
Young girl standing on the mountain looking down at the foothills below

We love to take our kids on hikes, explore the backcountry, camping, swimming. If the weather is warm, we’re outside. The day Heather went with us, we wanted to go out exploring the Owyhees near Silver City.

family of 7 standing in a row on a mountain top looking at a geocache they just found

There are some pretty rough roads that we wanted to go off-roading on while finding some geocaches along the way. We had fun going up in 2 different cars, and at some points, it was too much for both cars, and Heather piled in with us. She never stopped capturing moments.

young boy walking though the rocks on the top of a mountain with the trees behind him

I was impressed to see some really cute pictures of my kids and dogs while in the car. As we’re always facing forward to drive, we miss those moments, and Heather was able to capture them for us. We are a family that already has a lot of photos. We love taking photos. Almost every experience, there are pictures to look back on.

dad pretending to eat a bug while daughter holds int above his head in the mountains
young girl sitting on the dirt holding her legs to her chest and having a bandaid on her knee

Having Heather be the one solely in charge of taking photos on our excursion, though, was amazing. I could relax a bit and not worry about capturing the moment just right. I could be in the pictures! It was a great relief off my shoulders to have Heather there, experiencing with us, and capturing it all.

kids looking through a geocache and writing their names on the paper
young girl trying to clasp her backpack together with her siblings sitting behind her

She was quick in her response time and getting the finished photos back to us. We were so pleased when we saw them. These pictures will go on the wall for sure.

Thank you, Heather

family of 8 cheering as we see them from behind on top of a mountain

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