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Top three adventures that will actually raise your spirits | Boise Family Adventure Photographer
March 24, 2018

Sledding down the butte in my backyard, I was six years old. My sister, two years older than me, sat in the front of the sled. We always argued over who got to sit in the front. She won the battle this time and later regretted it. Falling headfirst into a bush, it was always hard to navigate around them as we went down the hill. And honestly, it made my day. Let’s not for a moment think that I let her forget that moment…EVER.

The adventures we go on as kids, often mirror the adventures we enjoy most as adults.

I am not sure why this is, but I can tell you that I would absolutely love to go downhill on a sled in the snow right now. Having kids myself makes it so much easier to share these kinds of experiences because it’s almost as if I want them to experience all the adventures I had as a kid. Knowing that I enjoyed them so much and knowing they would too if they just gave them a go, I try and implement as many as possible.

What are some adventures you did as a kid that you want to have your kids enjoy? Let’s explore some of the most common things we like to do and see how they will make you happy.

Small toddler playing with chalk on the sidewalk outside her childhood home

1. Having past adventures

I know this sounds pretty simplistic and generic, but stay with me on this. I have no idea what you enjoyed doing as a kid. Hanging out at the local theater and becoming an expert people watcher? Riding a bike? Going on a hike? Playing at the local swimming pool? Again, the things you did as a kid for fun will echo what you want to do with your kids now. So, start remembering your own adventures and surely your excitement will rub off on them when you go to complete them.

2. Trying something new

Exploring the area in which you live, not only gets you out and about to meet new people in your direct area, it also is a fun challenge to find new adventures. Have you ever done paddleboarding? parasailing? hot air balloon rides? Try something different and see what kinds of adventures you can come up with.  This is guaranteed not only to raise your spirits but also teaches your kids that there is so much more in the world than their parent’s past adventures.

Two girls in snow making angels

3.  Just staying in

People often think that adventures have to be outside doing something fun and exciting. Now, while I love those kinds of adventures, there are so many more adventures to be had indoors too. There is nothing like having a day where you just stay in and relax. Our bodies need to be in relax mode every once in a while. And I can’t tell you how many times I got to know my kids on more of a personal level just by hanging out and chatting or watching a favorite movie or reading a favorite book. Playing a board game and eating dinner together are some examples of what fun can be had indoors. The togetherness is not only a necessity for you but a necessity for them. Don’t downplay the importance of these downtimes.

Mom holding baby while baby looks straight at camera.

Now, while my sister was not happy about the result of the sledding event, it did not prevent her from getting back out there and trying again. This time we tried a little harder to navigate around the bushes, and she let me go in front just a few more times than her after that.

What adventures are you waiting to have with your kids? Are these adventures season dependent? or can they be done whenever you want? Tell me about it in the comments!

Do you want me to come around and document your next adventure? Contact me today to set something up! 

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