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Three astonishing Idaho State Parks you must not miss
April 18, 2022

There are 27 state parks in Idaho. Luckily, a lot of them lie somewhere near the southwestern region near Boise. I am going to list a couple of my favorites because frankly, they are just so beautiful! You need to see them all!

1. Bruneau Sand Dunes

Bruneau Sand Dunes is a magical place right in the middle of nowhere. Driving out there, you would never guess we have this kind of terrain in our state. You must go to the visitor’s center so you have an idea of why these dunes are here and where they come from. They are really an anomaly. But There is so much to do at this park, including camping, swimming and of course, sand sledding, that you can’t pass this up!

Teen boy standing on the top of the sand dune at the Bruneau Dunes State Park with a gorgeous blue sky behind him
Family of 3 sledding down the sand at the Bruneau sand dunes state park
Teen standing and sand sledding on the dunes with mom watching from above
mom sand sledding and laughing as she goes with dad looking over her from above
Parents and teen son sand sledding down the dunes laughing and having fun
mom laughing as she slides down the sand dunes on a board getting sand in her face

2. Ponderosa State Park

Nestled in the middle of the small town of McCall, this park has so many amenities it’s hard to pass it up. You won’t know where it’s at though unless you have either been there before or used your GPS! Hidden inside the neighborhoods of the town, it’s closer than you think and it opens up a world you won’t forget once inside. This park provides plenty of water activities of all sorts, camping, hiking, and last but not least a beautiful drive through the trees. Next time you’re in the area, just stop on through! 

Mom and two daughter's laughing and playing in the water at Ponderosa State Park
young girl laughing as she plays in the water at Payette Lake
Family sitting and laughing at the trailhead at Lake Payette in McCall
Family of four looking at camera and smiling on trail at Ponderosa State Park
mom and her daughters pointing at something off the bridge into the trees on a hike around Ponderosa State Park
family of four walking through the bushes on a hike around Ponderosa State Park

3. Cascade Park

Cascade Park, located right in the middle of Cascade, like Ponderosa State Park, has some amazing places to see and do near the area. Hiking, camping, swimming, (and sledding in the winter!) are just some of the adventures that await you here. Often forgotten about but lovely as always, this is an amazing place for getting your adventure on!

Family of 6 hanging out at the rocks surrounding Cascade Lake on a winter day
Family of 6 hanging out at the rocks surrounding Cascade Lake on a winter day
Family of 6 standing in the snow with a beautiful mountain view behind the at Cascade Lake
Mom helping son put on gloves while laughing standing in the snow
Mom sledding with family looking on over Cascade Lake
Mom sliding down in the snow on a sled at Cascade Lake

There are so many great parks to see in our great state! Tell me which ones you would like to adventure at and we can go there! 

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