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February 14, 2017

Articles decked out in decoupage. All over the walls.

Was this like an 80’s thing? Or even earlier? A 70’s thing?

If you are not sure what decoupage is- it might be because you are too young. Or it might be because it wasn’t as popular as I believe it to have been!

But decoupage artwork lined the walls of my house growing up and all I remember was wood planks and news articles that were stuck to that wood with a glossy feel and look to them. I couldn’t tell you what the news articles were about. I honestly have no clue. But all I remember is that we had quite a few of them.

Nowadays I like to think we have a better sense of style.

looking at a wall portrait in the wall of a home

I mean- don’t get me wrong- decoupage lining the walls of anyone’s house- depending on what the artwork is – could definitely be cool. But…I don’t think I want that on my walls. I want photos on my walls. And, not just any photos. I want photos of my family, my husband, my kids and my pets.

I don’t want to have fake art on my walls. The one trend I know I can stick with is family photos. That trend will never die. 

close up of barn wood frame for client viewing

So how do you like to display your photos? Do you frame them or have them printed on canvas and wrapped around a wood frame? Do you buy collage frames at your local big mart store and have the photos pasted inside to show a myriad of feelings and memories? Whatever you do, I think that is great! There is nothing wrong with your personal style of displaying photos.

For me personally, I like framing my photos. This year I have a new offering that I think everyone will enjoy. Barn-wood frames and your pictures meet and yes they fall in love.

What do you think?

These barn-wood frames are not only classy, they are strong and they will last the test of time. The simple elegance of the frame and the floating image is what makes this look timeless.

Do you want something like this lining your walls? Yes please? Well, what are you waiting for? Call me today! Whatever your preference, I can do it! Let’s schedule your adventure today!

Much love,


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