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The most delightful, perfect day on film | Family Documentary Photographs and Films Eagle
November 11, 2015

“Mom, when are we going to have hot chocolate?” she sprang out with excitement as she rode her bike around the driveway. So young and so proficient on her bicycle, it’s hard to imagine life as free as that when you are so young.

Life as little as that has its rewards. All of the benefits and none of the problems right? Never once giving me a second glance as I filmed her doing her favorite things. Being pushed by her older brother on the swings and running after her favorite fancy chicken, she acted as though she never had a reason to care about hardships in life. Her only question was whether or not she was going to have hot chocolate soon. Playtime over, running up the tall stairs for what seemed like forever, she made it to the door and rushed in.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a still portrait isn’t enough to convey the message of movement and excitement. Sometimes, hearing the words our children actually say bring the memories flooding back in a surge.

This mom is a godsend from heaven. She literally is all the mom I want to be and a little more. The voices of her children will slowly change and the way they play together will never be the same. This moment stamped in time is something I know she will cherish for years to come.  Take a look and see how a little bit goes a long way in just about three minutes tops. It really was the perfect day.

If you would like to see some other films I have done then check out Brooklyn’s Lesson or the super fun camping trip we went on! Family Films are shortly becoming a huge passion for me and I think it shows.

Contact me today if you want to have one of these with your very own adventure in it. 

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