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The challenge of an only child: crazy adventures at the zoo
April 13, 2021
Growing up, did you have the opportunity to go to the zoo? Do you have memories of seeing lions, tigers, and bears, hippos or pandas, giraffes, or zebras? Where I am from, we didn’t have any of that. The closest we got to see things at the zoo was seeing the alligator (or was its crocodile?) at some fair we went to as kids.
Mom looking down at son while smiling and he is looking at the animal behind the glass at the zoo
family looking at the penguins in the glass and each other at the zoo
Here in Boise, there are lots of things to do, the zoo being just one of them! And it’s not different when you have one child versus many. I do find, however, that one child makes for a pretty interesting trip to the zoo. When there is only one kid around, there is just as much to do, but you get through it a lot quicker than if you had more kids. That can be good and bad.
Dad holding toddler son as he had a scrunched up face and looking at animals at the zoo
But just because you get through it faster doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. With one kid, you can spend time watching their reactions to things. You aren’t spread thin while watching too many kids run around and you have the ability to savor the moment.
Mom holding toddler son on the fence as they look art the giraffes at the zoo
So while it may seem challenging at first, you have to realize that it’s not as bad as you think it is! Being more present in the moment of your child is never a bad thing. Trust the process and don’t get lost in your journey with this ONE CHILD. You won’t regret it.

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