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The 6 ways you can immediately save more memories | Boise Documentary Photographer
July 13, 2020

Sitting in the one-room movie theater as a 7-year-old, all by myself, was very scary.

My sister and her friends decided to leave me in charge of saving seats in the very back row at a repeat showing of E.T. while they went to buy yummy snacks. That feeling of telling strangers not to sit in the saved seats scared the bejeezus out of me and thank heavens it never had to happen!

We all go through moments of being scared and hesitant to move forward on something because we are nervous. We almost always have a million excuses or reasons for holding back on certain things. There is nothing different about your own photography session.

There are a lot of reasons most people won’t get their picture taken in the near future (or EVER for that matter). Here are six ways to help combat those hesitations immediately and start saving your memories for years to come.

Let’s also keep this short and sweet. Spoiler alert: They all have one thing in common and you will have to read more to find out what.

1.  By accepting your house as it is

Unbelievably this is not about designer sheets or paint colors or countertops. The memories that come from pictures go far beyond that. A picture can bring back smells and sights like none other. And who says that you have to have your session at your house? Going to a special place that means something to your family. A great hiking spot or a beach or favorite family park all make great spots for pictures. Places that are important to you now may not be important later so we need to remember them before we forget about them.

two sisters swinging together on net swing with green trees behind them and smiling

2. By understanding the worth of the memory

If you are anything like me- there are plenty of times where you feel the need to save up for something you really want. You know you can do it. You know you have done it before. What is stopping you from doing it with photos? Your family is only getting older. Don’t let money stop you from remembering them as they are now.

two sisters playing tic tac toe with chalk on the sidewalk outside their home

Small toddler playing with chalk on the sidewalk outside her childhood home

3. By understanding you are worth it

What? Everyone’s life is unique and special- especially to you. It’s YOUR life and yours alone. We WON’T. EVEN. DISCUSS. THIS. FURTHER. Interesting is in the eyes of the beholder. Period.

Mom holding baby while baby looks straight at camera.

4. By understanding how easy it is

The best part about documentary photography is that there isn’t anything special that you have to do to prepare. There isn’t anything you need to do during the session itself (except being yourself) and that’s just it. It’s normal everyday life where you dress the same and act the same as you always have. What would they have to say about that?

5. By scheduling the time

Sessions last about 2 hours. Your in-person consultation is about an hour-long or less. I can’t guarantee that your ordering session won’t take a while- but only because that is the fun part. 😉 So add that up and what do you have? A lot less time than you thought.

6. By accepting you for you

Let’s face it. We all have our own insecurities. We could go on and on about how it’s important to make sure you are included in the memories of your children. They don’t care about your weight or your hair color. They only care about you. They give them something to remember you by.

It’s amazing the reasons we will come up with to NOT do something we want to do. Excuses are really a mechanism for something deeper.

That one thing these items all have in common is that we are nervous or scared.

We don’t like trying new things. Just like me sitting alone in the back row of the one-room theater in the dark, it is scary. Take a leap of faith and begin your journey now.

Not ready quite yet to commit? Read about this family’s experience. They took a chance. Now it’s your turn.

If you want me to come over and document your life or want me to tag along during your next adventure then please contact me today

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