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Part two: Borah family and Goody’s Soda Fountain
September 7, 2020
two kids falling over moms legs on the grass laughing

Last week, I talked all about the Borah family and the first part of their adventure with me in Camelsback Park. To round out their adventure we went to the local ice cream shop on Hyde Park called Goody’s Soda Fountain. Not only serving ice cream, they serve chocolate and also lots of candy treats. Come here if you want a trip down memory lane or just a good treat for your day.

Little girl eating ice cream outside of Goody's Soda Fountain

Hyde Park is the local hot spot for small shops, restaurants, and the like. You can find a bicycle shop there as well as a candle store. Currently, the parking is free compared to downtown which is just a few streets over. I’m hoping that will last a long time. In the middle of gorgeous houses on the North End, Hyde Park is just a fun place to be!

A little girl walking next to her mom and a stroller on the sidewalk

Once you are served your treat, there is nothing better than sitting in the shade while you eat it, while you rest, and while you laugh with your family. Such a quiet street and such a quaint, awesome end to your adventurous day.

Little toddler looking at the camera while standing next to his mom on the grass

Looking back at these images now, I am reminded of how this little boy can’t walk YET. He can’t speak YET and he squeals when he laughs. In just a few short months, he will be able to do all of those things. Time is fleeting.

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