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Outdoor activities semi-close to Boise: The Owyhee Mountains
March 29, 2022

The terrain in the region varies from 2,000 ft- 8,000 ft. The Hayden Peak is the range’s tallest at 8403 ft. Though the range’s height is impressive itself, most would consider the lower canyons its true beauty, where very few human visits have happened. Land uses of these mountains vary from off-road vehicles, hunting, mining, hiking, and cattle grazing.

Location: The range extends from southwest Idaho to northern Nevada.

Most visited in the summer months by hikers and off-road vehicles

Silver City: This old mining town sits at the basin on the south side of the range’s highest peaks. It remains one of Idaho’s best living ghost towns to visit. Located 4 ½ miles northeast of the Owyhee Mountains. gives more insight on this treasure of a city!

War Eagle Mountain sits above Silver City. Several old mining entrances and equipment remnants

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