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Outdoor activities farther from Boise: Redfish Lake
March 29, 2022

Redfish Lake is the largest lake in the Sawtooth Mountains. U.S. Forest Service has developed some facilities for hiking, camping, and water sports. North Shore has a seasonal hotel and marina called Redfish Lake Lodge. The lodge offers a ferry service for hikers and sightseers! Also, a great venue to plan your next events or weddings! 

Location: 5 miles south of Stanley, ID

Facilities: campgrounds, cabins, picnic sites, toilets, drinking water, swimming beaches, a boat launch, and a horse corral.

 Trailheads gives way to a number of trails for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, and mountain biking around the lake and in the mountains

Redfish Lake Lodge: 401 Redfish Lodge Rd, Stanley ID

Contact: (208)774-3536

Marina: Boat rentals available



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