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Outdoor activities close to Boise: Ridge to Rivers- Boise Foothills
March 10, 2022

Ridge to Rivers offers over 190 miles of trail to be used as you and your family desires for your next adventure! Some trails are steep and require skill while others are gradual and are suitable for a wide range of abilities. These trails are available year-round as long as weather permits. Summer is a good time to visit the trails closer to Bogus Basin because temperatures will be cooler. While fall brings a new variety of colors and beauty to the hills.

Camel’s Back and Hulls Gulch Reserve;
Hawkins Range Reserve;
Hillside to Hollow Reserve;
Military Reserve;
Oregon Trail Reserve;
Polecat Reserve;
Shafer Butte Area; 
Table Rock Area 

Family Friendly Hikes: Hulls Pond Loop, Red Fox Trail, Camels Back Reverse Trails, Crestline Trail, Hulls Gulch Interpretive Trail, Toll Road, Cottonwood Creek Trail Loop, Table Rock Trail, Shane’s Trail, Red Tail Trail

Mountain Bike Loops: (from easier to more difficult) Toll Road Trail; Owl’s Roost, Shane’s Loop, Polecat Loop; Corrals Trail/Bob’s Trail/ Highlands Trail; West Highland Valley Trail/Cobb Trail/Homestead; Kestrel Trail/Crestline Trail/Sidewinder Trail/ Fat Tire Traverse/Military Reverse Connection

Dogs on the trails: Know the leash restrictions for the trails and which trails require leash use at all times; always pick up your pets’ waste; keep dogs from hunting birds; keep pets from interfering with other trail users or causing erosion on hills

General Trail Etiquette: Be Mindful and respectful; expect to see others on the trails, please don’t block trails, stay on the trail, and please do not use wet trails; if you are leaving footprints then the trails are too wet to use. Please turn around to prevent damage to the trails. 


For more trail etiquette information/videos, detailed trail information, an interactive map, and current maintenance schedules and closures, please visit

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