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More stunning views for family adventure photos
April 6, 2021
Little boy walking away from the river and his fishing venture

Recently I was asked what got me into photography. Why did I start learning and did I always want to make it a business? I have written about this before. My mom was an amateur photographer and she sparked my love for it, but I never considered making it a degree until I was older and had kids of my own. But in terms of Adventure Photography, this is something that I cannot put words to. This last year has led me to some of the most amazing places here in Idaho and I have to share them with you. I am beyond grateful, not only to live in this place we call Idahome but also for the amazing clients that always bring me into their world and let me explore with them.

1.Box Canyon

small boy trying to get in the water while mom carries brother from behind.
view from below of family hiking within Box Canyon

2. Lake Lowell 

Two siblings kayaking in the water with each other between the trees
Girl standing in the middle of trees growing right out of the water

3. Boise River

boy standing by the river while he fishes and watches the man fishing in the river
view from behind as a long boy wishes along the river

4. Eagle Mountain

Young girl standing on the mountain looking down at the foothills below
View from above boy climbing up a mountain and looking to the side

5. Mores Creek Summit

Man and wife coming down a snowy hill after cutting their Christmas tree down
family carrying down Christmas tree after cutting it from the mountain

Please let your imagination run wild. Please take me to these places that mean so much to you. Please make it a fun day for you, because then it will be a fun day for me too. Interested in seeing other stunning views in the Treasure Valley? Check out my other post Hands Down the Most Stunning Views in the Boise Family Photos. I need to get outside and so should you!

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