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Beware of mean geese: how to overcome your fears
September 24, 2017

Sitting inside, looking out the window, I would watch for them. They liked to hang out in front of the door and I had to know if they were out there. The moment I would walk outside they would chase me. My mom used to tell me how to handle them so they wouldn’t chase me but it never seemed to work. However, the fact still remained, I had to go outside and walk by them so I had to face my fears.

girl swinging on swing with her mom behind her

Facing our fears is one of the toughest things we have to do in life. For me, I have tons of fears. Fears that my kids aren’t eating well enough, fears that I’m not documenting them enough for them to have in the future, and fears that I don’t do enough. Do you ever feel this way?

In my heart I know I am doing enough, I am feeding them well, and I am documenting them when I can. That is all I can do. And you shouldn’t feel like your fears are doing anything else but just causing meaningless anxiety. So let’s imagine for a minute that we are the most amazing parents out there. We have too much to really worry about that it doesn’t make sense to have fears that we aren’t enough.

Boy holding a chicken while dog looks up at them

But when you look into your kid’s eyes and they just appear to be having the time of their lives, what is there to really fear? If they are happy- you should be happy.

Sister swinging on swing while standing and brother swimming in the background in backyard home

So let’s all just get over it and not worry so much. Live is too short for that. If you want to hear more about my musings on life, go ahead. Let’s join together and walk out amongst the geese. Control your fears. Don’t let them control you.

Much love,


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