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List of Idaho family adventures that actually have an astonishing view
April 6, 2021
dad pretending to eat a bug while daughter holds int above his head in the mountains

Riding together on our sled, my sister was sitting in front. There were lots of bushes on this butte in our back yard and it wasn’t easy to navigate around them when we sled down in the snow. However, in true kid-fashion, we absolutely would go as high as possible so we could get the longest ride imaginable. On this particular day, my sister didn’t end up being a winner. Falling straight through a prickly bush head first, you could say there were some tears afterwards. And yes, this made me happy. hehe

The one thing I remember about that butte in our backyard (another fancy way of saying small mountain) was that at the top, the view was spectacular. For a young kid of only 6, it felt like I was on top of the world. Now, today, while I don’t need to have the highest of views to be happy, I do try my best to get up high on certain occasions to re-live the times of my youth, being on top of the world over all else. So as you can imagine, when my clients want to go anywhere where there might be a view, I will be down for it no questions asked. Not all beautiful views come from a mountain top, but for me, those are my favorite. Let’s explore some of the best views Idaho has to offer.

Eagle Mountain

To get to Eagle Mountain, you need a little bit of the exploration bug. On the way to Silver City, take a left and just drive. On this particular day, we went exploring to find a geocache and yes we found a few! Requiring a 4×4 for sure, this road was a little rough at times, but always fun. As long as you remember how to get to the bottom, you will be good.

family of 7 standing in a row on a mountain top looking at a geocache they just found

Table Rock

A little closer to the city and little more well known, this hike can be a fun one. Being able to drive to the top is now a thing of the past (at the time I am writing this) but if you are game to climb, you won’t be disappointed at the view from the top once you accomplish that task! Right in the middle of town and pretty high up, this view is spectacular of our amazing city Boise and just shows you how big (or how small) it really is.

family walking on top of a mountain with the beautiful foothills in the background

Adelmann Mine

Tucked away near Lucky Peak, this mine is not the easiest to find. With zero parking lot, you gotta know where to look as you drive by. The climb, although difficult, is very worth the effort. The views here are some of the most astounding you will see. Take a trip in the spring/early summer and the greenery is not to be missed. Even if you don’t make it to the top, you won’t be disappointed.

Family of 4 hiking up a mountain with an amazing view behind of the foothills

Lake Cascade

While we all know that summer adventures bring great views of beauty, we can’t cheapen the experience of a winter adventure in some of these same places. And with winter comes a whole new color palette of beautiful scenery. If this lake is this beautiful in the winter, imagine how pretty it is in the summer.

family of four hanging out around the lake in the snow while sledding

Hidden Springs

Near Hidden Springs, you will find several hiking trails that fit the bill for an amazing view. Check out AllTrails for the locations on these. And once you are there, spend some time at the local restaurant in town. They have the best hot chocolate this side of the Mississippi. (Ok maybe that is an exaggeration but it sure is delicious!)

Mom kneeling down beside daughter as she helps her tie her shoe. Beautiful foothills view behind her

Idaho has so many lovely places to see with things to do. The views are really not disappointing wherever you go. Here are some other spectacular places I have never been with clients but hear are wonderful just the same.

Red Fish Lake

Lake Payette

Swan Falls

Celebration Park

Lake Lowell

Star Riverwalk

Would you be down to going on an adventure to any of these? Let me know, and I will be there with you, tagging along, taking your photo, enjoying the experience, and making memories for you. Make sure your next adventure includes you in the photo and not behind the camera.

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