family photos in boise
It’s camping time…Film style!
October 10, 2015
He filled the water from the stream into his bottle and then we placed the purification tablets into it. Taking the directions VERY seriously, it worked. He had some mixed reactions on what it tasted like in the end. And no, I did not taste the water!  Ha! But at least we knew it was safe to drink. . Just one of the many things cub scouts has taught him, he will never forget this moment. I hope…

We had so much fun on this trip. Not only did we have to learn how to start a fire without matches but we had to chop our own wood as well.

Boy with leaf hat one and another boy looking and pointing at him

After having some great times like these, I know the boys will be eternally grateful for the things they have in life. These types of trips are what shape these boys into men and I love watching them grow up and seeing all the things they can accomplish now on their own. It’s so magical. Truly the love of my life.

If you are interested in getting short snippets of your life into film, I encourage you to think about this. These are so fun and immediately make you remember the way things were just at that moment. More than a photograph, these are the moments that shape our lives. And you get to witness them over and over again.

pretty view looking into the sun setting through the tall grass

Would you like to go pumpkin picking or just have me film you making breakfast for your family of four? All these memories are important. These films will be embedded in your life forever. Contact me today to schedule your next session. Don’t forget to check out this Perfect Day as well. 

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