family photos in boise
How to have the most crush-worthy family photo gallery in town
April 5, 2021

People are always asking me how to have the photos that they see in others’ homes. You know the ones. Photos where the people are always happy and the locations are gorgeous. You get all dressed up and everything looks fabulous in the sunset. But have you actually ever asked the person how that photo came to be? Usually, it goes like this…”I have no idea how she got Jeremy to smile because he was running around the whole time screaming that he didn’t want to be there and Laura kept rolling her eyes every time the photographer took a photo just to make me mad. I think the photographer said something about heavy editing and that is why I had to pay extra.” I mean, don’t get me wrong. Those types of photos can be magical and they can be wonderful memories. But when you look at the photo all you will think about is the memory of taking the photo and all the negative things that happened that day. Is that what you really want? While the final result may be what you were looking for. Let’s, as a collective society, yearn for more. 

Why not yearn for an image where everyone is having fun and laughing? 

Little sister just coming off the slide while brothers are close behind laughing and smiling
Little girl walking down the trail with daddy close behind smiling

Or what about ones where the kids are just being themselves?

two kids falling over moms legs on the grass laughing

What’s wrong with hanging these up on your walls? Nothing at all! It shows the real you and the real-life that you are in right now. Who wouldn’t want to see that and smile every single day? I would. 

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