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How to ease your kids into incredible adventures: camping
April 7, 2021
Towels and swimming suit laying the line with the sun peeking behind them

Camping memories are not hard to come by in my memory banks. It’s truly magical how many times I remember going camping. The things we brought “to do” and the fun we had with friends. It was rare to go alone. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember going alone EVER. Which, is probably why I feel like it’s a foreign thing to go alone as our little family today. I much prefer to be with friends. I know I am not alone in this.

When we are talking about getting our kids prepped and ready for camping, it’s not hard to imagine all the things we need to do if you are an experienced camper. However, every child is different. If you are not accustomed to camping or don’t have the skills like some, you may be confused about where to start. And there is no right way to do this. But I am here to help just a tad if I can. Let me clarify that this is all about car camping and not BACK-packing. Car camping s easier because it’s a taste of the wilderness with some of (or a lot of) the comforts of home.

up close young girl holding a s'more and wearing a swimming suit

1. Make sure you have enough clothes

Bringing enough clothes may seem like a no-brainer, but this is so key it has to be mentioned. There are countless times where kids will get dirtier than to your liking. They will get wet. They will get muddy. They will not do as they are told and stay out of trouble. Bringing extra clothes is a peace of mind that can’t be understated. Especially if you are not a mom that can let their kids stay dirty. Bring clothes for sleeping in and then clothes for warmth and clothes for cold. You will need all of them. Waking up they will be cold but as the day goes on, they will get warm. Then as the night comes, they will get cold again. Get it?

girl standing in front and dogs laying down behind her on a camping trip. Boy sitting in chair looking to the side

2. Make sure they are comfortable at night

Depending on where you live and where you are traveling to (and what time of year you are going), it is imperative that you make sure they sleep well and comfortably. A sleeping bag isn’t enough. A mattress pad, some blankets, a few lovies from home, all go towards making their night special. Giving them a flashlight, books to read, and maybe giving them the option to sleep in their own tent (age-appropriate of course) are all ways to help them have fun during the evening as well.

3. Make sure you have enough snacks/water

When kids go camping, they burn a ton of energy. I mean, a lot. Giving them plenty of snacks and water and things to eat will not make them not want dinner. Trust me. They will still eat dinner.

view from behind of boy flying from a rope swing into the lake

4. Make sure they have fun

Bring things for them to do! Bring board games, mitts to play catch, jump rope, a hammock, bikes, etc. Anything and everything outdoorsy will do. BUT NO ELECTRONICS. Just leave those for at home.

5. Make sure there are bathrooms where you go

Most young kids are not that good at going to the bathroom, let alone going to the bathroom in the wilderness. It just makes it so much easier to have a bathroom facility there where you are camping. Of course, this is not a requirement and every family has its own traditions and needs. I just know that I prefer to have a bathroom so I don’t have to worry about it. CAN I go pee in the wilderness? Of course. Do I want to? No.

Young girl playing with cabbage patch dolls while camping at the table

I hope these small items help as you get your kids ready to go camping this summer. It’s a small thing to make them comfortable, but a big thing to give them the memories.

I have a free download just for you as well- Your ultimate camping supply checklist! Check it out!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to hire me while you go. I can capture some of those memories before they are forgotten forever.

Much love,

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