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How to actually feel complete after your photo session
January 28, 2020

I’ve been told that once a photo session is complete, relief sets in. You say to yourself, “I’m so glad it’s done. It went ok.” No one cried…hopefully. No one died…ultra-hopefully. And best yet, once you’ve seen the images, it reminds you just how stressful it all was and how (thank God) you don’t have to do that for another year (or maybe you can stretch it to two?) The kids will be older then, more cooperative then, and easier to dress. Your husband won’t have a reason to complain for a while and spend money on something they consider to be kinda “worthless”. But at least you have pretty pictures to show off to your friends and family members.

Whoa! Let’s start over! Do you really want your experience to be that way? Let’s try this again.

Sisters riding on car stroller while parents such from behind on the greenbelt

Girls standing by parents as they over look the Boise River along the greenbelt

Imagine with me, a different kind of session. One where you come out with relief for a different set of reasons. One where you say, “Wow, that was so fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves, there were no tears during the preparations, there was no fighting about where to go and what to wear. Your husband actually enjoyed himself. You enjoy not only sharing these images with family and friends, but now you brag about not only how easy it was, but how much you know you will enjoy these pictures for a lifetime to come. And not just you, but your kids. You wonder when you can afford to do it again and where you will go for your next session- understanding that the choice is all yours and will be completely unique to you (which is half the fun of deciding).

Sisters looking over the railing at the Boise River with parents holding on tight from behind

View from above small girl riding her scooter along the concrete.

It’s NOT too good to be true. It’s a reality that can easily be attained. Where will you go?

There is so much to do in the Treasure Valley area. You could go to the park, the Zoo, the foothills or Camel’s Back Park. What do you like to do as a family? Let’s do it together!

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