family photos in boise
Hiking with the family: Camel’s Back Park
August 17, 2020

Throwing sand all over her mom, she giggled to no end. Mom, a little surprised couldn’t help but laugh herself. One thing I learned about these parents while on the hike with them, is how laid back they are. Clearly, they know how to be patient, how to let things roll off their back, and how to let kids be kids.

Mom and daughter laying on sand and smiling with sunglasses on
Family getting ready for hike at the bottom of the hill

These two adults also double as my coaches at my Crossfit gym. I am making new friends and new clients everywhere I go. I am so blessed to live in this beautiful city. And while I don’t actually LIVE in Boise, I am there all the time. The quintessential houses and shops that line the North end of Boise are gorgeous. Food is always good and the company always better. Idaho folks really know a lot about how to make people feel comfortable. There is never a time I haven’t had a “Hello” waiting for me as I walk past someone on the street and of course, the views and the city itself, are so worth all the possibility of making the trek up here.

Little girl sitting on play structure with legs hanging over the side
Family pf four walking atop the hill at Camel's back

So next time you want to head out on the trail, especially if you want to remember the day forever, give me a call. There is not one adventure I can’t try and document in some way as you explore the world around here. It’s worth it. Trust me.

Much love,



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