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Having colorful, fearless experiences with family is a lost art
July 20, 2020
Family of four sitting on stone steps and looking at each other and smiling

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about some families and their experiences compared to my own. I never like to compare my life to others, and I’m not comparing it for the sake of trying to change the way I do things but stay with me here. I’m finding a few trends in the family adventure game that I find quite interesting.

Boy falling from up high at the park into mom's arms

I follow a lot of families. Families that have extraordinary lives while they travel and work on the road. Families that sit and have a hard time getting out much and then families that do everything in between. As I’ve gotten older in life, I have seen a trend towards people in social media showing all the fantastic things they do in the world so as to show off how cool their life is. And I don’t say that to be mean or derogatory, I say that just to state that there are more of us being able to see the lives of these people than ever before.

Mom looking and smiling wide at sone while husband is in the background on his phone

For some of us, we may be inspired to get out and do more with our daily lives, but more often than not, I have found that it does the opposite. People think they can’t do all those terrific things, so therefore their adventures would pale in comparison. So why do them?

two young brothers walking with one arm around each other at the park
Family walking at the park towards the camera and a family of geese walking with babies in front of them on the path

I want to meet the families out there that want to try these fantastic things just to try them. To say, “I don’t know what will happen, but I’m gonna give this a shot.” It’s a rare family. Especially with tiny littles at home, it just is plain difficult. It not only takes guts to get out, it takes love and a level of commitment to the idea of travel and adventure. I find there are categories of people that like to get out and adventure with their family. The ones that like to get outside on a typical weekend for a quick walk or a short camping trip, the ones that like to go on an adventure where the adventure is taken care of for you (Disney Land for example), and those that make their own adventure like traveling the world to see new experiences and new people every day. There are all kinds of adventures to share.

Dad and son balancing on the tall rocks at the park
Boy playing on the rope apparatus at the park with mom standing behind him

My family is the first one. Clearly, we like to do a lot of this but we don’t get out on extravagant adventures and don’t spend a lot of our money on these things. I truly don’t believe you need to in order to have fun. That being said, which kind of adventurer are you? Shoot me a message! I’d love to hear!

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