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Hands down the most stunning views for Boise family photos
December 28, 2020
Boy running down trail to the left and his image peeking through some dead branches

Right about now, you might be thinking you’re overdue for a family photograph. Right about now, you might be thinking about all the places you see your friends getting their photos taken but you’re too nervous to ask. (You wouldn’t want them to think you’re copying their look.) Right about now, you may be feeling hopeless and wishing there was a better way to find all these beautiful places in Idaho. You want to go get your family some amazing photographs and you want that place to be drop-dead gorgeous. Is that really too much to ask? Absolutely not! Here are some tips to help you out!

Before we talk about where to go, you gotta know what you want!

View of the city:

Boise is one of the most amazing cities in that you can get so close to it from above and it’s so awesome to be able to see it from above. If this is the kind of view you are looking for- you gotta know where to go. There are so many places. Different hiking trails such as Elephant Rock, Table Rock, or Seaman’s Gulch will get you a view. Even more still are Camel’s Back Park and Polecat Loop. So many choices around town!

Mom and kids hiking up the trail over the city and daughter slipping on the dirt in surprise
Giel hiking around Table Rock and seeing the city view below
Family pf four walking atop the hill at Camel's back

View of the country:

The cool thing about this area of the world is the enormity of choice you have to be able to get outside and see something different each and every day. There is no shortage of “country-style” out on the trails. Even the trails without a view are so gorgeous. When looking for these, you want to look for trails that don’t have a lot of elevation gain. Most of them are just outside of the city and all can be found on Make sure to filter your search accordingly for things like “Easy” and under 1,000-foot elevation gain. Eagle Rock Loop and Veterans Memorial Trail are good options.

Girl sitting not he ground looking up at mom who is holding her sister in a pack while crying
Girl sitting on top of dads shoulders as they walk along the greenery area
Boys running around on the trail while hiking with mom

View of the mountains/foothills:

The mountains are abundant here in the ID. I can emphasize enough how pretty they are in the spring when everything is so green. Overlooking the hills is one of the most beautiful sights to see- other than our beautiful city. It’s crazy how EASY they are to get to as well. Obviously, Table Rock is going to be on this list. Bogus Basin is another area with LOTS of trails that overlook the stunning mountains.

Family of 4 hiking up a mountain with an amazing view behind of the foothills
family walking on top of a mountain with the beautiful foothills in the background
Boys with dog on the trail with beautiful views behind them

View of the Lake or the River:

There are an abundant amount of waterways here as well. Not only do we have the Boise River that flows right through our great city- but we also have these wonderful little ponds that are spaced out perfectly all over town. Check these out! Quinn’s Pond is a great choice. Kathryn Albertson’s Park and the Boise River are all places great to visit!

view from behind of boy flying from a rope swing into the lake
Little girl and dog standing next to the lake looking at the ducks
view from behind as a long boy wishes along the river

Idaho has some amaaaazing places to see and if you just do a little research, you will find that these places are everywhere. Some of them may be harder to get to than others but the harder it is, the more glorious the reward. Happy hunting!

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Group Treasure Valley Family Adventure Seekers! You will get tons of great tips on where to get out in the area.

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