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September 2, 2017

They sat in the drawer for seven years.

Two rolls of film where the contents were seriously a mystery to me. Maybe they were from my trip to Disney Land and the kids? Maybe they were images from a family gathering at the time.

But back then I knew that the processing of film was a lot more complicated these days. Our drug stores didn’t even take film for processing anymore. Most of them are only about digital media processing now!

Prints up close to see what they look like from the side

So the question remained, where do I go and how do I process these images on film?

This task was so daunting to me and it took me until I moved houses to finally getting around to doing it.

I do not want that to be you! I talk all the time about the importance of printing your photos.

looking at a wall portrait in the wall of a home

It’s a nightmare to let it stack up and loom over your head because then the task even becomes more daunting. Trust me! I know! 

Well, forget about it! I am here to help you out!

Not only can I give you advice on where to get your photos printed, but I can also give you advice on how to go about starting that culling process.

Wait, what is culling? Well, you will have to read this to find out!

Much love and happy printing,


P.S. Those ancient prints? Well, they were some of the cutest I have seen of my kids and at 5 years later they had definitely changed!

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