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What is an adventure session?

Adventure sessions are REAL LIFE. They take place at the PLACE you so choose, in everyday clothes (that will vary per adventure). Adventures can be ANYTHING. Going to the zoo, baking cookies at home, hiking through the Grand Tetons. Whatever you want to do, I will be there to photograph your life while you do it. These are real moments that you won’t want to miss!

How long does an adventure session last?
Each session (depending on the activity chosen) will last about two hours. If you want me longer, contact me about what you’re thinking. Nothing is off the table. Weekend at the cabin? Day at the lake? Trip to Hawaii? (Uhhhh
Can we do one or two posed photos?

While it is not my goal to pose you during your adventure, I do let clients ask for some poses if they like the scenery or if they want one for their portfolio of images. Trust me though, this isn’t the one you will love the most when it’s all said and done.

my life adventures aren't exciting, what do we do instead?

I urge you not to think about “exciting vs not” when it comes to your life. Because I am documenting your life as it is TODAY, there is always something to be grateful for and always something to be remembered at this point in time. All adventures are unique per family and no adventure will be the same- even if it’s in the same location. In-home adventures are no different. Your house is individual to you. Whether a rental or a purchased home, this is your life, NOW. There is always beauty in the mundane.

what do we wear?

This is real life. This is you. This is up to you. If we go on a hike, I recommend hiking gear. If we go to the lake, I recommend swim gear. If we go to an amusement park, I recommend comfortable clothing. Make sense? Wear what YOU want. No matching clothes necessary. No white shirts and jeans. BE YOU.

will you travel to me? or for me?

I’m not gonna say no to an adventure to somewhere amazing . Message me with what you are wanting and we can chat about it!

can we include our pets?

Pets are welcome to any session that makes sense. As a lover of animals, I understand that pets are a part of your family and therefore need to be included in the family photos whenever possible.

what if my adventure includes a fee to get in or attend?

If there is a fee to get into a venue or space where the adventure takes place, I will require you to pay for that fee on top of the fee for the session itself.

How can i get discounts for my future adventures?

Yes! Check out my MEMBERSHIPS PAGE for more information.

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