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Every brave, perfect family photo session in Boise should end like this
August 5, 2021

Picture this. A sweetly dressed family, perfectly combed hair, and matching outfits. This is what arrives every year in Christmas card photos and I love it so much and nothing brings me more joy than seeing friends and family all across the country take the time to address a card for us and seeing their sweet smiles as a break open the envelope. Yet if I’m really honest you will never receive such a card from us, partly because I’m terrible at sending mail but also because our last few Christmas photos have been taken on friends’ phones while chopping down our Christmas tree. Bundled in layers of clothing, slightly dirty and wet, and maybe a few kids not looking directly at the camera. It’s fully us and it’s totally authentic and this is why Heather’s work resonates so much with me.

Boy running down trail to the left and his image peeking through some dead branches

I love the idea of documenting my growing family, getting professional images, and letting someone in on the connection you have in your family. But posed, styled images just didn’t fit our life. As a mother of five boys that are more interested in sticks and mud, the idea of a traditional session seemed like something stressful and a bit of a fight more than an enjoyable documentation of our life together. Most days when weather permits you’ll find us on trails, near streams, or riding our bikes around town. This is what I wanted to be captured. I wanted someone to look at the tiny details of our ordinary days together and capture them. And that’s exactly what Heather does.

Two boys climbing on rocks as one boy acts like Superman at the top

We’ve had two sessions with Heather throughout the years and they have both been wonderful experiences. She has a way of engaging with us just enough that we all feel comfortable yet stepping back enough to let our family interactions feel fluid and unchanged. She captures both the big picture of our adventures while taking the time to notice the smaller everyday details. From hiking up big hills to handing out snacks, fixing tiny shoes, and hauling growing kiddos. It’s all there, it’s all such a great representation of who we are, and what we enjoy as a family.

Young toddler sitting in backpack looking straight at the camera with head tilted

I used to think there was a one size fits all idea to professional photography and it truthfully wasn’t one that fit our family. I am so glad to have found Heather and her work. It’s given us such a gift of highlighting our family through professional images while staying true to the authenticity of our family. I would highly encourage you to book a session and see what magic Heather comes up with. You will not be disappointed.

~Leslie Karst

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