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Delightful adventures with dogs, why they are family too
January 25, 2021
Two dogs looking towards the camera and smiling while on a hike

Do you have a dog? How is your dog (or dogs) regarded in your family? Do they sleep outside in a dog house, played with only on the weekends? Do they sleep with your kids and eat under the kitchen table? Or do they sleep on your bed and literally follow you around all day long?

Dog looking up trail as family follows behind

Around my house, our dogs are just like us. They follow orders really well but they are a major part of everything we do. They sleep with us, they go with us places and they serve as lovable additions to our family. Having worked in the veterinary business for 11 years, I love most animals. But dogs hold a special place in my heart. I am drawn to families with dogs.

Two dogs standing on a bed and looking out a window

You are in good company if you love your dogs like I love mine. I am always willing to help make them a part of the session one way or another because it’s my belief that they need to be remembered just like every part of your life. Every dog has a personality all its own and I will never think any different. If your dog doesn’t bite me, we will be great friends forever and for always.

Family at the fire pit while dog looks out and to the side in front of them

People tell me that I need to just photograph dogs and I tell them, no. I need to photograph dogs that are part of people’s families. Well, because they ARE family.

Much love,


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