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Dancing shoes: a happy film on the simple things in life | Documentary Family Photographer Boise
October 17, 2015

Picking her clothes from the bag, she has to choose between stained tights and tights with holes. At just seven years old, she loves to dance, but she doesn’t like to actually get ready for dance class. Struggling each day to make her voice known in a world with adults, she is at home in her dance class. She loves to celebrate and have fun. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Looking back at this film, I am proud that I can help her share this with her children. Who knows, one day she might be a famous dancer. And it all started right here…

Would you like to go berry picking while I follow along? Or would you rather sit at home on a Saturday morning while I film you making breakfast in your PJs while the kids watch cartoons? All these memories are important. These films will be embedded in your life forever. Contact me today to schedule your next session.

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