family photos in boise
Recently, I’ve been getting into the movie Wild. Have you seen it?
I know. I know. It may be old news for you, but without giving it away, if you haven’t seen it, it’s based on a true story of a woman that decides to tackle some internal demons and backpack up the Pacific Crest Trail to do that. It’s so inspiring. 
But a quick look at my calendar will tell me that I should probably turn off the TV and get to working on my Christmas Tree Hunting Sessions, since there are only about 58 days (as of this writing) left until Christmas Day.
Wow! Can you believe it?
So instead of watching Wild, I’m going to do start offering these sessions to you. It’s important because how often do we get to get pictures of the wonders of finding our own tree?
Do you need to put Christmas Tree Hunting on your to-do list, too? 
If so, here are a few tips…
1. Decide if you are going into the forest or to a pre-cut tree farm
2. Get your permit (if you need to)
3. Schedule your day to include me to travel with you.  
Check out the details…

December 4th (Fully Booked)

December 5th

December 11th

Cost $250 for 1 hour OR $375 for 2 hours. Prints and digital files sold separately. 

Mom and two daughters sipping hot chocolate while getting their Christmas tree at a farm and its snowing
family carrying down Christmas tree after cutting it from the mountain
Dad laying on the cold snowy ground next to Christmas tree with daughter in hand.
Mom and grandma laughing and holding granddaughter upside down on the snowy hill while searching for a Christmas tree.