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Childhood Amnesia and what you need to know
April 7, 2021
Dad and daughter looking at something along the river and dad pointing at it

A while back I wrote an article for my blog titled Age 0-8, the best time of your life. The article describes some of my best memories as a kid. And really I have a lot of memories if I give myself a good time to think about them. What’s interesting is that I have some photos for some of the memories but some don’t have photos at all. And why is that? Because 1. We can’t get photos of everything and 2. I was old enough to remember the adventure without a photo.

That’s it. I was old enough to remember them.

Some kids have selective memories before age 7. Some kids have selective memories of a time before age 10. Most people, however, (no matter how old they get) will never remember anything before the age of 3. It’s actually a thing called Child Amnesia.

Little girl sliding down a concrete slide

I am not a psychologist of any sort, but it makes sense right? Think hard about a time when you were 3. Do you remember anything at that time? Do you remember the house you lived in? The pets you had? The car your parents drove? Do you remember the park you played in or the places you visited to eat out to dinner? There are a select few people in the world that can tell you these things- not because they can physically remember them, but because they were told these things as fact and they believe in these stories based on the people they were told them by. So what does this have to do with photography? Well, let me explain.

It’s my wish to have all kids experience these times in their life. Experience them as if they were there (cause of course they were). Times before the age of 3. Times before their memory decided to commit to becoming long-term. Sharing with them how special they were to you before they have the memory of being that automatically.

Little girl and dog standing next to the lake looking at the ducks

Childhood Amnesia is a problem for families that want their kids to remember all the things they experienced. Going to Disney Land? Going on vacation to an exotic place? Staying home to experience a local adventure? It doesn’t matter what you are doing, but know it is all important. It should be important for you but it for sure is important to them.

Dad standing up next to daughter with his short up showing his belly and daughter looking at him with an awe face by the lake
Mom holding flower as the petals are drifting away, dad and daughter looking at this happening from behind

Don’t let childhood amnesia control what they remember about their life. Don’t let it control their important memories. Document them. Document them a lot.

And when you get to a place you want me to come along and do this for you- contact me. I am here for all those daily or extraordinary adventures that your family goes on. It’s important to me It should be important to you too.

Much love,


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