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How to feel comfortable at your next photography session | Boise Family Photographer
May 24, 2015

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

— Neals Donald Walsch

This is so easier said than done. I am the first to admit that. Everyone knows how comforting it is to stay in your own comfort zone. It is your safety zone. Where you like to stay. It explains itself in its definition. So why is it so hard to veer from that? Some people think that their lives are perfect. Nothing could go wrong and nothing ever will. But I venture to say that if they even knew what was wrong in their own lives they might just want to change it. However, most people are not like that. Most people don’t really feel that their lives are perfect. But these people also have no clue (most likely), how to change. Some people, in fact, don’t even know what needs to be changed! So how do you go about it? How can you change the things that are at fault in your life? How do you make them go away- stretching you outside your comfort zone and helping you grow into a better person? Well obviously this answer will be different for everyone. I think the main question is who is judging you? Who is telling you things are not the way they should be? I am not a psychologist and I do not plan on giving you any type of marital or family advice. What I can do, however, is tell you how I feel about a certain subject called self-confidence.

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I am not one to claim I have the perfect self-confidence. I do not claim that I know everything about how to achieve it. What I do claim is we all hold the key to our own happiness. I do believe that some of us actually do have a chemical imbalance that makes it so we cannot function properly. But aside from those people, those that truly need medical attention, I believe happiness is all in our own hands. I have listed before many ways on how I think people can achieve happiness. You are the one that can tell yourself to be happy, to not stress out or to not be angry. In the moment it is really a hard thing to do but all-in-all I believe it to be true. The same goes for self-confidence. There are so many studies that claim (women especially) we are our own worst enemies. We are the ones that put us down regularly and tell ourselves we are not worthy. If you have chosen your friends carefully, you don’t have anyone else telling you this. (If you do – then lose them. they are not worthy of you. Period) Once we find out that we are worthy of people’s love and people’s attention, we are more confident in everything we do.

mom sitting in rocking chair with toddler as she puts on his sock

So what does this have to do with getting out of your comfort zone? Or photography for that matter? Well, my whole point in telling you all this is that I feel it on my end too. People are always telling me that they don’t want to be photographed because they are not photogenic or that they don’t want to see themselves in pictures. Under all that is low self-esteem. Isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it time to step out of our comfort zones and step into something that we haven’t done before? Try something new? I can’t promise you will feel good after trying that something new, but I can promise you will better for having tried! I am not talking about jumping off a building here people! I am talking about getting your family portrait taken or eating new food. Once we start taking control of our innermost fears, we will start to see that happiness is not far off of our everyday feeling. I can’t wait for everyone to have this same feeling. I have it almost daily! The idea that you are happy with your decisions and you are happy with the way you look, happy with the way you are around other people. It’s an amazing feeling.

So what do you want to do today? Go to a new restaurant? Go do something you have never done before? Obviously, you should contact me today to schedule your next session. One thing off the list right? I truly believe you are worth it. You are worth the memories that these portraits will bring you. Don’t deprive yourself of this. It’s too important.

Much love,



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