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Bishop family and their trip to Zoo Boise
November 16, 2020
Two young sisters walking down the steps at the zoo and one looking at the camera with her sunglasses raised up

Some families give you a sense of calm. And by that I mean, they can do anything, and no matter what you will feel ok about it. Some families give you this sense of excitement and a rush of adrenaline. Every family is different. This particular family gave me the feeling of calm. And I think that was because the mom was so calm. She spoke softly, she had great patience and you could feel the outpouring of love she had for her kids.

Two young girls sitting and playin g in a life-sized pretend jeep at the zoo

I could feel the palpable difference between her parenting style versus mine. I am loud, almost always angry or laughing, and almost never patient or calm. It’s something I have struggled with but realized over time that is just me. I am still loving, but I am none of the calm and patient things that I longed to be when my kids were little. Sometimes you just have to accept your traits for what they are.

Mom carrying one daughter up high to see the animal and the other daughter looking from below at the zoo

And while I know that it’s ok to be either way, sometimes I regret not trying harder to be the calm mom. The one that is patient and kind when kids do things wrong or without thinking. As my kids get older, it becomes harder and harder to believe they shouldn’t “know better” when making a mistake. And depending on the mistake, it can be really challenging to have patience at that moment. I guess I am a work in progress.

What kind of parent are you?

Would you like me to come photograph your day at Zoo Boise? Now that they have their new exhibit wing and have expanded, it’s more gorgeous than ever. You should really check it out. Contact me today to book your spot.

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Girls getting off the merry-go-round with moms help and walking out the gate
small family looking at the zoo exhibit with grandma from behind the fence

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