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Big World Baby: a short film about being little
November 29, 2015

He plopped his little diaper butt down in front of my camera as I lay on the floor and just stared at me. Not sure what to do next, I just kept filming. He was interested in what I was doing and wanted to be involved but at 2 years old, wasn’t sure how. I imagined him saying to himself, “well if she isn’t going to talk to me, then I will move on.” From then on out it was ok. A performer at heart for his friend Miss I., nothing else mattered. I went on filming him as I needed and he was himself again. Bouncing around like a bunny hyped with sugar, playing and laughing, the world was alright for this tiny man.

This family film was special to me because I was able to draw from my past life as a veterinary technician and join friends that I haven’t seen in months.  Seeing them thrive as mothers, much like watching a garden bloom, makes this all worth it for me. Once they are older and looking back, I want them to watch this film with a smile resembling a curve of a watermelon.

I have so much fun doing these videos from beginning to end. It is a dream for me really. If you want me to put my passion into a video for you then please contact me today. Whether it is for a dance practice or a camping trip, the possibilities are endless. Let me know what is on your mind! The Perfect Day is awaiting you!

Much love, 


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