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Be honest with these 6 questions regarding your photos
December 21, 2020
Mom and kids looking over the city as they hike up Table Rock

Recently I shared a blog post written by another photographer on my Facebook Page that discusses our, yours, and my family photos in a little different light. I encourage you to take a long look at these questions and decide what they mean to you personally and how important they are to you. I took a long hard look at my own life and I decided that I, too, was at fault for not having photos printed and stored in the right places OR printed and displayed for my loved ones to see. One of my focuses this year is to change that. Where do you stand with these questions if you are being truly honest?

young girl twirling her hair as she climbs the mountain hike with her mom and brothers

#1 How often do I see my favorite photos?

Your favorite photos make you happy or else they wouldn’t be your favorite. I wonder if we saw them more often in a space that was readily available for viewing- if we would be happier people. I just wonder. (Spoiler alert: the answer is YES.)

Mom and kids standing on bench while dropping a leaf fro a tree to see what it will do

#2 How do I most enjoy looking at pictures?

I personally LOVE looking at pictures in albums. I like to have certain events categorized and be able to look back at them whenever I want. These albums are sitting right in my living room for easy access. I also have some of my very favorite images on my walls in really large prints with frames around them. I love to see them every day because they make me happy. Where are your favorite images displayed?

kids and mom traveling down the trail and daughter sitting on a rock with her head between her legs

#3 Do my kids see themselves displayed in our home?

I have said it before and I will say it again, self-esteem and confidence are directly correlated with this. There are many studies (go ahead- look them up) that say that kids that regularly see their images in front of them have higher self-worth and self-esteem. Are you giving your kids that opportunity?

Mom and kids looking at the large puddle on the way down the hill from their hike

#4 How do I want to remember my adventures?

Pictures aren’t always about being posed and pretty in front of the camera. Sometimes you might take an image on your phone when you out and about. You might even bring a camera if you have one. These daily adventures or vacations or whatever your activities are, are just as important to you as the images you have posed in front of the camera. If they weren’t you wouldn’t remember them. Which ones do you want to remember more? The vacation you took with your family and watching your child surf for the first time or your family in a field while they are all smiling at the camera?

Mom and kids hiking up the trail over the city and daughter slipping on the dirt in surprise

#5 How do I want to be remembered?

It’s absolutely crucial that you hear this. Listen up! Do you want your children to remember you?? Plain and simple, you gotta get in front of the camera too. Enough said. Just do it.

little girl looking at the camera and smiling as she walks up the hill on the steep trail

#6 If something happened to me, would my loved ones have access to the photos/videos I have taken over the last few years?

This is the question I had to take a good hard look at and see where in my own life I could improve. I take so many photos. So many. I also take them straight out of my camera and put them on my computer and my external hard drives. I have everything coded and categorized and organized really well. BUT, my husband doesn’t know how to reach these. My husband nor my kids understand my system. Time to change that. Also, it’s super important to me that I am not reliant on this method of storage for my images. I want to be old school and actually print these. Print print print!

I would love to hear your answers to these questions. I know it is not something that is on our minds all the time, but we need to focus on it. We need to do this for us and for our kids. HOW do you want your images to be stored and seen by others?

Much love,


P.S. If you would like to learn more about how you can get images printed for you – of your personal adventures, then please give me a shoutout!

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