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Age 0-8, the best time of your life | Boise Family Photographer
May 24, 2017

If you could pick the most favorite age of your life – what would that age be?

Were you five years old, barely remembering things at this point, wearing Spiderman PJs and running down the hallway screaming at the top of your lungs? (Oh wait, was that just me?)

Were you six years old blowing out the candles on your Cabbage Patch Doll decorated birthday cake, hoping to get the brand new barbie doll that was all the rage at the time? (Yep, me again…)

Or were you seven years old swinging on the hammock at the family campground, listening to music on your Playschool tape player?  (Haha…definitely me!)

Maybe you were nine years old and given permission to ride to school on your bike all by yourself? Well, ok maybe not by yourself, but your sister being with you doesn’t count. (You get the idea…these are all about me.)

My favorite collective age as a kid has to be from the time I can actually something to about age eight. Everything during that time was magical. Lots of friends, lots of fun and lots of memories to recall, that point in my life is the most vivid for me. I am not sure why that is. And to be honest, it’s ok that I don’t know! HA! But I can say that I have a ton of memories of that time from my mom. She worked really hard to take our pictures lots when we were little. I remember so much about it yet also so little.  The pictures are a good start though. And because I know my mom is actually going to read this- I want to mention that my life after age eight was not bad, just different.

I think mostly that is why I want to document other people’s lives when they have kids between birth to age ten. It is so important to me that children have memories from these early years. Not just the ones from birth that they won’t be able to remember but also the ones that will spark a ton of memories of different stories from that age and so on and so forth.

Not only do I believe that kids these days are well documented, especially around those ages, but I also believe they won’t remember it. You can’t see what you can’t open. There is no proof that the digital files we have today will be able to be opened or even looked at in the near future. We all know that technology changes daily. Things get invented that are smaller and cooler, forcing us to make changes to our lives that will effect our kids’ lives. VHS tapes need to be copied, CD’s need to be downloaded to MP3 status- oh wait!- no not that anymore, but maybe to a digital form of some kind? Then oops!,  a virus takes your computer and all your pictures and data are lost. Then what?

It is so important to print your pictures and store them properly. All of these images were printed from my childhood.  There are steps you can take to prevent photos from decaying in a drawer or on a USB.  Get a free download of my best personal printing guide. It might just help you get over the hump.

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