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About Me

Your adventure photographer: Heather Floyd

You might wonder if I was always this brave. Adventuring confidently and safely into the outdoors was something I have not always been good at. However, since moving to Idaho in 2018, things have changed. Now, confident as ever, not only can I help you navigate your adventure with ease, we work together to make the perfect photo backpacking adventure of your dreams.  

Knowing where to go is only the tip of the iceberg. Picking the right adventure for your skill level and interest is important to me. No backpacking adventure is decided on lightly. And when working with families, whether hiking, backpacking or simply camping, your adventure has to be true to you. I’m here to guide you through the process of picking your outdoor adventure, getting you there with all the right gear and documenting it all. This process allows you to be truly present and able to enjoy the experience from the initial call to finally seeing the photographs in person. Empowering women to be better versions of themselves and showcasing the connections you all have as a family is my specialty. Let’s get you all in the picture, having fun together in the outdoors!


Come together as friends and enjoy the time spent with each other doing the things you love to do in the outdoors. Get confident in your abilities and don’t worry about taking on the responsibility of “photographer”. I got that covered.

Heather is a pro and makes you feel so capable. I have been on two trips with her and each one was a stretch out of my comfort zone. Heather makes is totally possible and EASY, so easy. Don’t hesitate, book your trip. It will be good!

Amy Studer

Being from a family that was photographed often, my mother is an inspiration to me for taking pictures of my own family and ultimately yours. I have what feels like a million photos of my adventures growing up and I cherish these moments so much in an aftermath of growing up through a divorce, heartache, and through loving tender moments that were captured. I can’t stress the importance these images have on me as an adult. They remind me of how I was as a kid and help me as I raise my own two children. They help me to bring them up in a similar fashion as I was. I use my pictures to remind me of the things I experienced so they can experience similar things as well. These types of photographs help strengthen our relationships while the image is being taken, and afterward when we connect again to look and remember the moments we enjoyed in our life. Call me today to see about capturing these types of moments for your children too.

I would be honored to unpack your fears of the outdoors

and take you on the best trip of your lifetime.

Ready To go backpacking?