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Your Story Teller: Heather Floyd

Going on adventures is my specialty. As a family, we are never without a hike, a movie or a daily drive. Sometimes our adventures even keep us home for family game night! Documenting these moments are important to me, because as my kids get older, I know that they will want to remember these times to share with their little ones. I also want them to see the importance of getting in the frame with the whole family and remember that I was there with them through these life events.

Having been lucky enough to photograph some of the most quirky, crazy and wonderfully unique, young families, saying this job is the most spectacular thing ever would be an understatement. Clients know they can rely on my quick thinking skills and experience as a parent to foresee many giggles, hugs, and smirks before they happen. Our sessions demonstrate the love and laughter that all families experience. Following families on their adventures is my specialty.


I offer a unique experience to make sure these memories will not be lost forever. All your adventures are important and your children will thank you later for actually appearing like you were a part of them rather than the person photographing them.

Our experience with the amazing Heather with Floyd Family Photography + Films was like nothing we’ve ever done! She literally let us ADVENTURE for 2 hours, no stress, no matchy matchy outfits, no posing. Fun! Sledding! Laughing! Again, NO STRESS family picture day. We drove 2 hours away and then the time started, she followed around 4 crazy kids to get the perfect shots and had a sneak peek SAME DAY!!! Thank you again Heather for an AMAZING experience. We can’t wait for our next one!

Kyla Sigman

Growing up, my life was full of adventures. Some I never appreciated until now. Sharing my story is not hard for me. Growing up, my life was pretty great. And because I have these memories from my childhood, I appreciate them so much more. I want to help you get this for your family too.

What about your story do you want to remember? Better yet, how do you want to display your memories? I would be honored to explore this with you.

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