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A trip to the zoo is not wasted on you!
July 27, 2020
family looking at map at the zoo figuring out where to go

Going to the zoo, there is always so much to see and to smell and to taste. The animals are not always guaranteed to be out and about when you walk by but when they are, you never know what activity they might be doing. Sometimes they can be eating, sometimes you can even feed them, and other times, you might get lucky and you may see them playing around. Often though, depending on the animal, there is only one and therefore, sleeping is the state you will see them in most. Pro tip: find out when the animals are most likely to be active during the day and visit during those times!

boys climbing slide - view from below and one blog looking down at camera
Girl sliding down slide at the zoo with her arms outstretched wide

With small kids, you can’t always pick and choose when you can visit the zoo. Nap times/eating times and other things come into play that need to be considered before coming. When it looks like there isn’t much to do, kids will still find things to do! A good zoo will have tons of options to play with, to make it more enjoyable for all especially when the animals aren’t hitting the entertainment mark.

Boy and girl feeding the goats at the zoo
Girl riding the merry-go-round at the zoo with mom looking on holding infant
Boy riding the merry-go-round as he presses his face solemnly into the bar

Just remember that your goal is to make the kids happy right? Every experience includes the sensory development they need to grow and the encouragement to have fun. That is the goal here. But if you have the time, and an interested kid, then guess what? Learning about animals in the zoo can be fun too!

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