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A new me in 2023
January 1, 2023

I’m not sure how to start this post. Maybe it’s because I am not sure how much to share with you all or maybe it’s because I really have no idea what I am going to say. So I will treat this like anything else and just do it anyway.

2022 brought a lot of hardship and a lot of changes my way. Many amazing new friendships, many amazing trips to talk about, and a divorce that rocked my world. Don’t be sad for me however as it was a good decision for me and something that I am happy with. Scouts continues to bring me joy in a way that is really uncanny. I can’t decide if that is because it just keeps me busy or if it’s the people and the places that are making me happy on that one. I would love to unpack it with anyone interested in listening. Another day perhaps.

I keep getting told (by my friends and my relationship coach) that I need this time to myself to really get to know me as a person again. But frankly, I have been doing that for the last 5 years or so which I believe is what led me to want a divorce. Still, maybe there is so much more to what I need to accomplish and so much more that I need to see in myself before beginning to date again. I am frankly letting the universe take over and really just let go. This is not the easiest task for me as I am not normally someone that can let go of things that easily (and I’m pretty stubborn). But if you know any single men you think I would like??

I heard on a podcast once (or maybe I read it?) that it’s ok to feel an awful emotion. (Well, duh…) But, it’s only ok to feel that emotion for 2 min. After that, you have to let it go. Let it blow through you and just breathe. Anything negative has to leave. Anything sad has to leave. Some things are not that easy though, right? And if you feel the emotion again, it’s only because your body isn’t done letting it go, Ideally, these instances don’t happen near the same time as each other. I’m afraid mine do but it is getting a lot easier. My days are starting to feel normal again. I am beginning to have a routine and I am thinking about my future and how bright it is.

So let’s talk about my future and what it has in store for 2023. This year I plan on making some waves. I am putting on more backpacking trips than last year. Some are going to be local to Idaho and others are a little farther away. One will be a mother/daughter trip that you all have been asking for! I have a glamping wilderness retreat happening in July that I am just oh so excited for. I plan on making this blog a priority too. Teaching you all how to be confident in the outdoors, share what nature has done for me, and also start a digital class that will teach you everything you need to know about backpacking and more. I plan on one day writing a book with all the material I create as well.

It’s also amazing to me how badly I have fallen off the wagon in my photography journey. I rarely take photos anymore unless it’s for a client. I have yet to unpack why that is. I know it’s not because I don’t like taking photos anymore. That is not the issue. But maybe 2023 will allow me to bring out my creative side again. Speaking of my creative side, I have been drawing, and playing guitar and hope to take singing lessons this year. Maybe through all this, I will find a little more about me that I didn’t know was there. One can hope, right?

Well, I think I am doing all the right things. I think I am pretty happy most days and I moving on with life.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my life where I get to teach you all the things you have been begging to know. All in a pretty little package.

Much love,


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