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A family day: our walk with an adventure photographer
April 7, 2021
Mom holding daughter up high with a towel around her because she is wet from the pond. Dad sitting back and cleaning feet.

I know what you are thinking “adventure photographer”? So, you went on some epic hike through a forest or climbed a giant mountain. Well, no, not exactly. That is not entirely possible with a just turned 3-year-old and a 5-month-old energetic pup. 

daughter sitting on dads shoulders looking at the turtles in the river below

Let me be honest, I haven’t exactly felt very “adventurous” since becoming a mother. Hello, being a mother is an adventure in and of itself. So, when my amazing friend Heather approached our little family with an adventure photography prospect. I was taken aback! We got to talking, and she explained that an adventure does not always have to mean something perilous or exciting. An adventure can simply mean a unique activity or experience. 

Little girl and dog standing next to the lake looking at the ducks

Fast forward to planning our first “shoot” together. Heather reminded us to pick an activity that was normal for us as a family. We choose a stroll down one of our favorite walking paths in the city. As the date approached, I continued to worry text our kind photographer, and she always replied with a thoughtful and genuine answer. When the day of the shoot arrived, we all instantly felt comfortable because for us it was just another “walk in the park”. 

close up of Dad smiling while holding  daughter on his shoulders and she is holding a flower

The day came to view our photos! Almost more exciting than seeing the finished product, was watching the passion practically dripping from Heather. This is truly the great love of her life, the time and energy that she puts into planning the day, staying in contact (both before and after), the editing and then the presentation of the photos, is second to none. I cannot wait for our next shoot!

Mom holding flower as the petals are drifting away, dad and daughter looking at this happening from behind
Little girl sliding down a concrete slide

*Tips: These are personal tips I learned after our first adventure photography session. If you have small children, bring extra activities so they don’t get bored. Bubbles, sand toys, etc. Also, bring water and snacks because no great adventure needs to end with a dehydrated crew!

Ashley Weidner

Dad standing up next to daughter with his short up showing his belly and daughter looking at him with an awe face by the lake
Dad and daughter looking at something along the river and dad pointing at it

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