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5 Epic Places to Take Family Photos in the Treasure Valley
April 13, 2022

There is one thing for certain about this place we call Idahome. We are in no way short of beautiful things to see and amazing places to experience. Gorgeous scenery is all around us and we have a multitude of places to visit that will bring a smile to your face.

Every year, I face the same question from my clients. Where can we go to get beautiful scenery in our family photos? Let’s explore some of the places right inside our part of the state: the Treasure Valley.

 1. The Boise River

Along the river there are multiple places to hang out, play in the water and get some gorgeous photos. Depending on what side of town you are in will depend on what type of view you get in the background but no matter what, you won’t be disappointed. 

Little boy fishing alongside the Boise River

2. Table Rock

If you are willing to do a little bit of climbing, Table Rock is one of the most iconic and gorgeous places in all of Boise to have your family photos taken. The mountain views are just stunning and nothing beats the greenery in the springtime overlooking the foothills.

3. Lake Lowell

Lake Lowell is a gorgeous place. No matter the season, the views around it are just sublime. The Owyhee Mountains in the background are a sight to see! And if you are a water person (or family), then water play is always fun to capture here.

Two kids kayaking at Lake Lowell between the trees

4. Camel’s Back Park

Right in the middle of town, Camel’s Back Park does not disappoint. A much easier trek to climb than Table Rock, it has some of the best views of town there are! Kids of all ages can climb this hill and it doesn’t take hours to get to the beauty you seek.

Family hiking in the fall during the fall at the top of Camel's Back Park in Boise
Family hiking on top of Camel's Back Park overlooking Boise on a spring day

5. Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin has so many areas that offer great backdrops for photos. Don’t discount getting out into nature for all the seasons. Bogus Basin features them all in full glory.

Dad carrying daughter while she is wearing skis up the hill in the snow
Family hiking on top of Bogus Basin as they walk through the green pine trees

6. Bonus: Military Reserve (the Boise Foothills)

    While there are so many places to hike and ride in the “Foothills,” you will want to go somewhere that provides easy access and easy trail hiking. The Military Reserve is the perfect place for that!

    Little boy running through the plants and leaves at the military reserve in the Boise foothills
    Mom carrying son on her back while hiking in the military reserve in the boise foothills

    All of these locations are great for capturing the life you are living here in the Treasure Valley. You won’t regret photographing your real-life moments – especially if they’re not just selfies. If you’re interested in learning more about an adventure session with me or want a free consultation, reach out! 

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