family photos in boise
5 best, most colossal locations for family photos in Boise
May 11, 2021

If you are a connoisseur of family photos, you probably have a good list going for your favorite places to take family photos. And depending on the time of year, it will probably depend on where you think of going. However, if you are not that person, the person that knows all about this stuff, then this list is for you.

 Idaho is plagued with pretty places to see pretty things. I mean, the locations here are stellar in that you can get the most amazing views of hillsides, trees, and even cities within a relatively short drive. Because of that, there is really no way to make this list all-inclusive for everyone. Some people prefer things others do not, but give this list a chance and you may find somewhere new to go and have a fun time while doing it! 

1. City view: Camel’s back park

Camel’s Back Park exhibits one of the best views of the local Boise city that I have ever seen. So close to the center of town yet so high up, you get to see all the wonderful places that make this town something a pleasure to call “home”. There is smooch to offer at Camel’s Back that you won’t be disappointed with the other views as well.

Family pf four walking atop the hill at Camel's back
Mom and daughter laying on sand and smiling with sunglasses on

2. foothills and city scenery: Table Rock

 Now, while Table Rock is a little more challenging to get to, you can’t beat the views at the top. Honestly, it is worth the hike up there since you can no longer drive there with your car. Not only do you get a pretty foothills view (especially in the spring) but you get a gorgeous city view as well. Lots of options here.

Mom and kids looking over the city as they hike up Table Rock
Dad holding toddler son as he walks on top of a mountain and the greenery foothills below him

3. Lake scenes: Quinns pond

Quinn’s Pond in Esther Simplot Park is a great place for a meandering stroll or a quick swim. Don’t miss our on the cute nature of this place. Great for little kids that just want to play! It’s amazing how many places here are just perfect and the results are amazing! 

Family of four sitting on stone steps and looking at each other and smiling
Little girl and dog standing next to the lake looking at the ducks

4. River beauty: boise river/Greenbelt 

The Boise River has several places along it to take pictures. Whether you are taking a stroll along the greenbelt and come across a nice place, or you are traveling a bit further out to catch zero crowds, the river doesn’t disappoint. 

view from behind as a long boy wishes along the river
Dad and daughter looking at something along the river and dad pointing at it

5. Mountain views: Bogus Basin 

Just outside of boise, up the hill, is a place people visit all year round for seasonal activities. Whether it’s snowing or it’s the missile of summer, the mountains from the top are not ugly. On the contrary, they are supreme. 

family walking with dogs on top of mountain with gorgeous view of sky and mountains behind them
Two teens standing with dogs on the top of a mountain hiking trail while dad is looking at view behind them

So the next time you think about doing family pictures, try to remember that scenery is “almost” everything and there are plenty of spots to take advantage. This is Idaho after all. 

If you would like to take an adventure with me and use my services, contact me today. You won’t regret doing something a little different for a change.

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