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3 ways to guarantee your children’s happiness
May 8, 2018

Running down the driveway, I was so ready. I was ready to get inside and use the phone to call my best friend. Seeing her literally moments before on the bus, I wasn’t even sure she would be home. But considering that she had moved very close to me, I knew she would be home soon. Having an old turn dial rotary phone, the physical calling of her number felt like it took forever! I couldn’t step more than five feet away from the wall-mounted phone or else the cord would break.

Happiness comes in all styles, shapes, and sizes. And when we are happiest, we tend to remember those moments the most.

This information shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I mean, it’s probably not something that we consciously think about, but that doesn’t mean it is not true. The other thing about happiness is that it’s really dependent on the person that is going through it. Meaning, some things will make you happy that may make me not as happy or even unhappy. So how can we guarantee one’s happiness? We really can’t. Ok, I said it. But if you stick with me I think you will find that these things are universal.

1. Hugs and loves

Let’s start with an obvious one. Of course, we all know that if you give your kids love, hugs, kisses, and support, they will be happy. Do you really need the stats here? I don’t think so. This is a powerful one folks so please please please don’t forget it. EVERY DAY.

Dad with arm around son while they wait to eat dinner at a restaurant

Mom holding daughter tight as they sit at the pumpkin patch

2. Let them be themselves 

Never underestimate how strong it is to let a kid behave like they want to. From an early age, we teach our kids to conform. Sit at the table quietly while you eat. Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking, Don’t run in the house. Wear a jacket because it’s cold outside. And we do these things because we care. There is no doubt about that. Yet, what things in life can kids control? What things can they decide on that is just for them, allowing them to be the individual they were meant to be?  Do they get to pick out their clothes? What hairstyle do they want to have? What they want to eat for dinner (as long as they are eating a healthy option?) It’s so hard to let kids feel like individuals and also have the ability to stand out amongst their friends as brave and bold. When we teach our kids to conform too much, they feel stifled and afraid to express themselves. so within reason, try and let your kids do a little more for themselves. Maybe that means letting them have pink hair, and maybe it doesn’t, but always ask yourself what they can control for themselves and see that smile just go from ear to ear.

Kids playing in backyard and sister straddling swing

Sister swinging on swing while standing and brother swimming in the background in backyard home

3. Hang pictures of them on the wall

This one maybe you didn’t know. This one is not something that people really think about a lot and I am here to change that. It is proven that kids feel loved and supported when they are shown how important they are. And to show that they are important, you not only need to let them make choices for themselves but you also need to love them. All of these things go hand in hand. These things show kids that they feel trusted, loved, and supported all in one swell swoop. The next step is to think about how to display them and what feelings they get from seeing themselves on display. But whatever you decide, you need to just do it. No more excuses. It’s the final piece of the puzzle. Showing their importance in ways that aren’t just for them but for others to see.

girl sitting in chair with her back towards camera- showing off her pretty braids

girl sitting by window looking directly at camera

So don’t hesitate to try these three things and revel in your success when they work!

Much love,


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